With high-end brands and retail stores popping up rapidly in United Arab Emirates, credit cards are the best way to carry currency around. They are convenient to use and easy to carry. There are many options that clients can opt for but most of these charge annual fees. However, there are also some luxury credit cards that come with no fee such as:

ADIB Value Plus Card:

Minimum salary requirement for this lifetime free credit card is 8000 AED. Through this card you can win reward points on spending and later use them for shopping or dining discounts or travel miles. Interest rate on this card is 3.09%. It is an Islamic credit card.

Citibank Simplicity Credit card:

To be an eligible candidate for this card, you must have a minimum income of 8000 AED. There is no late fee or over limit fee charges. There is also no cash advance fee. With this you can avail discounts at selected eateries and access to selected airport lounges in Middle East.

It is a lifetime free credit card with a low interest rate of 3.5 % of the outstanding amount with up to a 51 day interest free period.

CBD Visa Platinum Card:

This fulfills all the criteria of a great balance transfer card with no annual fees or charges. It has a low interest rate of 2.99%.

The customer who applies for this card should have at least a salary of 8000 AED.

Clients win points on every purchase and can redeem these for travel miles. They can set their own credit limit and can also get discounts on various dining options.

CBD Visa Infinite Credit Card:

This is a conventional balance transfer credit card. Minimum income requirement is 30,000 AED. This is a great option to those customers who are averse of paying an annual fee. The interest rate on this card is 2.99%.

Clients earn points on all purchases, these points can be redeemed for Skymiles. This card also allows access to VIP airport lounges worldwide and you can avail discounts on dining, shopping and travel.